Southern University College

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The Southern University College is a non-profit, private university college in Malaysia. It was established in 1990 to provide a local educational channel for high school graduates who were unable to further their studies in foreign countries or gain admission to other local educational institutions. Until this time, any Chinese student educated in a local Chinese school had to go abroad for higher eduction, often to Taiwan. 

In the exhibition gallery, we were privileged to meet Mr. Ng Hong Kong, an 83-year old caligrapher. We were asked to pose in front of his poster, but he wanted us to pose in front of his favourite piece of art work!

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Mr. Ng was a little reticent to talk to us to start with, until Lawrence displayed his (limited) ability to read Chinese and talk about the ancient art of caligraphy. Mr. Ng was very proud of a 30-foot scroll (see photo below) which was completed in just 10 minutes. 

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