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Morib is on the west coast in the state of Selangor, and its claim to fame lies in being the site of one of the first landing points on the west coast for the British and Indian Liberation forces during the end of World War II in 1945. We arrived at the Gold Coast Morib International Resort as the sun was setting. This hotel complex had that faded look which we have become accustomed to in rural Malaysia, but produced the best breakfast buffet I have had so far! Looked so much better than the dinner buffet, which we skipped and had a seafood dinner out on the pier instead. The evening temperature was very pleasant indeed.

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This resort is ideal for young children as it has a fun-looking water park and a safe beach.

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The beach went on for ever when the tide was out, but there was a tree-shaded sandy area for games.

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You can judge from the pier just how far out the sea goes here. So, Lawrence used some time here to try his new guidance kit for his drone.

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The view from the hotel showed the immence flatness of the palm oil tree-covered land heading off in the far distance towards KLIA airport. It also showed more rain clouds!

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