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We arrived late at Felda Residence Hot Springs in Sungkai, but just in time to enjoy a tasty plate of fish and chips! Hanis chose a more local dish which was definitely not pleasing on the eye or the taste buds! So, a late start the next day and a brief walk around the complex and some drone flying on the lawn while Hanis did some work.

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There are communal pools here of various temperatures and private jacuzzies which can be hired by the hour. Our you can book a villa with its own jacuzzi and bring the family! These hot springs really are hot, as you can see from the steam in the photo below.

IMG 2497

Before leaving Sungkai, we visited the nearby river with a white water rafting expert to see if this would be suitable for Hanis’s corporate clients.

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On the way to the river we passed a settlement of Orang Asli people (aboriginal Malays) and pondered whether we’d prefer to live in the new standardised orange-coloured concrete homes or the original style of wood and rattan huts. It felt too intrusive to stop the car to take photos, and anyone who has seen a ‘settlement’ anywhere in the world will understand this sentiment.

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