Coastal Survival at Teluk Sari.

IMG 6004

Further north from the beach near Sukalayar Resort, is Hanis’s beach. Again, it is very flat with shallow calm seas. On this afternoon, the tide was out so we had to walk over mud flats to watch the students use nets to catch some fish. In the two photos below, you might just be able to see a ‘real’ fisherman. The lines you see between the sticks are used to anchor the crab pots for catching the larger crabs.

 MG 3030

 MG 3128

 MG 3068-HDR
 MG 3081 MG 3087

This beach has had several clean-up campaigns recently, so looked pretty good. But, you can still find natural debris such as this coconut surrounded by ants, and the biggest (dead) crab I saw on this trip.

 MG 3133-HDR

 MG 3147 MG 3143

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