Gunung Arong hike.

IMG 1278

We fully intended to do the Gunung Arong hike, which is a 4-hour trek around the coastline, but we’d suffered from heat exhaustion the day before and decided against hiking in 34C heat again!  So, we climbed up a little way and rested ourselves to take photos of everyone as they clambered up the hill side.

Here’s Hanis at the start of the trek and posing for us to check the best place to take photos.

 MG 3263-HDR MG 3244

After all the students had passed by, we headed back to the car and accompanied Hanis to Mersing to do a bit of shopping for the camp. Then, we headed out to the end of the hike to catch the students on their return. So, yet another beautiful empty beach to walk along, then ‘coasteering’ to get over the rocks and sit and wait.

 MG 3332-HDR


IMG 1289

 MG 3338

 MG 3345

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