Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)

 MG 0007-HDR

The Nexus Resort is a secluded area, about 45-60 min drive from the airport. So, once there then you stay put! Lawrence loves to swim in the sea, and he really enjoyed it here as the sea was warm and shallow and felt very safe. So, here are some more classical-type of beach holiday photos plus a few showing the lovely grounds of this resort and associated wildlife.

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There was a shortage of beach furniture, so we sat under the shade of the beach bar instead. Surprisingly, they had no idea how to make a lime soda which is a pretty common drink in Malaysia.

On both evenings we enjoyed the view of a colourful sunset, although I was not much good at capturing this on camera.

 MG 0215

 MG 0045-HDR

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This pond housed a few monitor lizards which were quite clumsy on land but super sleek in the water.

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