Moon Bears and the Rainforest Discovery Centre (Sabah)

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Just nearby the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is a reserve for moon bears and the Rainforest Discovery Centre. The photo above shows Lawrence with our guide Ray whose family comes from the Philippines. 

The moon bears were a little underwhelming to watch, and certainly not an animal that I had ever thought of as being tropical.

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The Rainforest Discovery Centre allowed you to walk safely through the forest. By now we knew how to spot wild orangutans in the trees; look for a tall tree shaking around and a dark blob near the tree trunk (see photo below).

 MG 9040

 MG 9017-HDR

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These fruits gorwing around a tree trunk are poisonous. Actually it seemed that most things here were poisonous or harmful in some way.

 MG 9056

 MG 9077-HDR

Of course they was the obligatory wobbly rope bridge to cross. Here’s Lawrence with our guide Ray:

 MG 9080-HDR

I found the trees here quite magnificent. They grow very tall and straight with tufts of branches right at the top.

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There is a botanical garder at the end of the walk here, but we were too exhausted from the heat to enjoy this part of the centre. Besides, there was no novelty here for us seasoned travellers!

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If you do visit here are seeing the orangutans, I can recommend the Mango Restaurant as a good place for lunch. While here, I spotted some more wildlife outside the window.

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