Kuso Trick Art 1st in JOHOR BAHRU               (24th April 2017)

IMG 9179

What to do in Johor Bahru when it is pouring with rain? Cut off your wife’s head? Well not exactly!  Instead, just head off to Kuso Trick Art 1st in JOHOR BAHRU and emmerse yourself in some 3D imagery. The location is just near AEON Tebrau with plenty of parking outside (83 & 85 Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2, Taman Mount Austen, 81100 Johor Bahru). It is open every day except Mondays, 11 am to 8 pm and to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday. 

There are about thirty 3D images on the walls for you to engage with, and enthusiatic staff to help inspire you and get you going. If you need more information, contact Mr Tee Ka Heng on WhatsApp 018 7730962, telephone 07 3587973 or email inquiry@kuso3d.com.my

Here is Mr. Tee demonstrating how to interact with one of the images:

IMG 4090

Lawrence and I visited Kuso Trick Art with Hanis and her daughter Sofi. Here are just some of the photos taken during a very enjoyable morning of silliness!

IMG 5485

IMG 4096

IMG 4101

IMG 4108

IMG 4129

IMG 9134IMG 5484

IMG 4111

IMG 4117

IMG 4118

IMG 4136

IMG 4144

IMG 9182

IMG 9117

Finally, if two floors of 3D images to interact with isn’t enough, there are some Virtual Reality games to really finish you off! Not recommended for anyone who suffers from motion sickness though, so I just watched.

IMG 4157

Sad to report in late 2018 this business shut down, but I know there are other 3D Art places scattered around elsewhere in Malaysia. So now you know what they are all about!

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