Miscellaneous street scenes

 MG 3835-HDR

This beautiful art deco building was just across the road from the E&O Hotel. It had once been a car showroom but now seemed a little lost.

 MG 4022-HDR MG 4025-HDR

On the left is the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower (1902) at the end of the water front. And I presume that the decayed buildings nearby would have been warehouses for shipping merchants.

Right next to the port authority was this Indian temple. All you could see from the road were these colourful doorways, making quite a contrast to Port Conwallis across the street.

 MG 4031-HDR MG 4028

Walking around Georgetown was hot work, so we popped into a cafe (Muntri Mews on Jalan Muntri) for a drink and enjoyed a bowl of bananas and sweet potatoes in warm coconut milk; yum!

 MG 4229 MG 4226

Penang street art:

 MG 4271 MG 4268

There is much street art in Penang, with trisaws both active and inactive. On the left is a metal wire picture which serves to mask the decaying building behind it.

The mural below is a stunning example of how to bring decay to life. There are many such murals in Georgetown, but we did not have enough energy left by now for a mural hunt.

 MG 4280

We had planned to go up Penang Hill for some cooler air, so caught the Hop-On Hop-Off Tour bus to take us there. The ticket lady then told us that the hill was closed because of recent floods (I had checked first with our hotel concierge who told me it was open!). The bus was still obliged to stop at the hill, so I wandered around to be informed again by these guards that the hill was closed.

 MG 4416

So we thought we’d go to the next stop on the tour which was the Kek Lok So Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. It too was closed, but this time for renovation, so we watched a few tortoises swimming around, wandered up the streets to try and find a better view of the forbidden temple (failed!), then waited and waited for the bus to turn up.

 MG 4418-HDR

Enroute to Penang Hill, we passed this mosque and Indian temple (sorry, photos taken through a dirty bus window). There were quite a few interesting looking buildings on this City Route, but I think it would have been better to drive ourselves around here. We could not even transfer to the Beach Route as the double decker bus was too tall to cope with fallen branches following the flood. All in all, a rather frustrating tourism experience!

 MG 4406-HDR

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