GARIS at Think City (20th Oct. 2018)

 MG 2479

I have been to several book launches in my time, and I must say that the launch of GARIS at Think City turned out to be the most fun! Garis means ‘line’ and denotes the lines used in sketching, as this book contains pictures produced by the Johor Sketchers. These are a collective of people who enjoy sketching and have been focussing on some of the older buildings in Johor which have now disappeared or might disappear too soon. You can learn more about them through the Johor Sketchers FB page.

The afternoon started with some live music, then introductions by Faezah Ayub (Programme Manager, Think City, JB), and explanations about the book from Taib Aur and Tok Rimau.

 MG 2439 MG 2442 MG 2451

 MG 2448

Jaie Ramlee then explained some of picture choices and introduced some of the sketchers whose work was included in the book.

 MG 2456 MG 2453 MG 2460 MG 2458 MG 2464 MG 2468

Then we were set to task to sketch something/anything near by. So, I sketched Lawrence’s shoe as that was nearby! I  won’t show you my sketch though as it is far too good for public display! Instead, here are some photos of everyone getting involved in sketching.

 MG 2474 MG 2472

And this is what a real sketcher (Taib Aur) at work looks like...

 MG 2487-HDR

And some obigatory book signing….

 MG 2501

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of GARIS, then please visit Ruang @Think City, in Jalan Dhoby. This is a great place to pop in on a weekend to see if there are any cultural activities of interest.

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