The world premier of ‘The Hidden History of Johor Bahru’, 21st Oct. 2018


Earlier this year, Lawrence and I made a 25 minute documentary called “The Hidden History of Johor Bahru” which focussed on events in the 18th and early 19th centuries which resulted in the founding of Johor Bahru. Faezah Ayub (Programme Manager, Think City, JB) suggested we have a public showing of the documentary at their office space in Jalan Dhoby, so she prepared a poster for us and we put together a list of people who might be interested in attending so we could have a fruitful discussion afterwards. Well, the poster only shows Lawrence as I did not have any suitable ‘publicity’ photos; this is the problem of being the cameraman, one never gets photos of oneself! I am going to have to remedy this.

We really weren’t sure if anyone would turn up, so were especially honoured to find Datin Patricia Lim Pui Huen in the audience. She is the author of two famous books on the history of Johor, without which this documentary would have been so much more difficult to make. In the end we had an audience of 15 people, most of whom had something to say in the discussion section, and it was all very encouraging indeed. Lawrence took the questions from the front, and I contributed from the audience space. We now know where to go hunting for more information for our next project and we gained ideas which will help construct our next story.

So, our thanks to Think City for hosting this event, and thanks to everyone who attended. Here are a few photos of the event.


 MG 2589

 MG 2585

IMG 7376

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