Barossa Valley to Adelaide (20th May, 80 miles)

 MG 6435


After a rather late start, we drove upwards to the Mengler Hill Sculpture Park overlooking the Barossa Valley. I had not appreciated beforehand that we would be here in autumn, and hence the trees and vineyards would be golden in colour. It was a lovely surprise. Then we tried, and failed, to follow the Wine Trail route so headed on south to Adelaide.

 MG 6438 MG 6441

 MG 6447-HDR

 MG 6450-HDR


We had a brief wander town Adelaide city centre before heading to our friend's (Winnie Kan and Dave Yip) place for the next two nights. 

 MG 6453

There seemed to be statues to explorers everywhere in Adelaide, and one has to admire these chaps who set off not really knowing what lay ahead.

 MG 6459-HDR MG 6468-HDR

Now this is what some young Australian men get up to nowadays instead of exploring! They entertain the shoppers in Rundle shopping mall.

 MG 6462

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