Cannonbury Park North

 MG 8015

 MG 8020

Many years ago, Lawrence lived in the Stanley Lodge Police flats here in Cannonbury Park North (bottom left flat above). His mother had wanted to revisit this area, so we drove out to examine the ancestral home!

After walking arounda bit, we stopped in the Cannonbury Tavern and had a lovely meal. Then Lawrence wanted to go into the corner shop where he’d bought sweets and comics in his youth. So, we had a long and interesting chat with the current owner of the shop. As we walked back to the car, we saw someone going into the other ground floor flat and started a conversation about having lived there 65 years ago. She asked us in to have a look around and Lawrence told her how they had used the back yard as their playground in the past. All quite fascinating!

 MG 8064

This seemed like a lovely part of London to live in as it was so near the city centre yet felt almost rural. Here are the views too/from their flat.

 MG 8029 MG 8021

And here are odd shots from the surrounding streets.

 MG 8033 MG 8031 MG 8046 MG 8042


 MG 8131

Lawrence’s Mum had remembered a small stream nearby which she had often taken Lawrence to, so we went off in search of that.

We walked passed this magestic London pub called the Marquess Tavern. London pubs are quite distinctive.

Lawrence’s Mum remembered the opening of the New River Walk in 1964 by the Rt Hon Herbert Morison. The river is actually a 400 year old aqueduct bringing clean water to London from springs in Hertfordshire. 

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