Christmas in Brentwood

 MG 8012

 MG 8005

Christmas was spent at Lawrence’s sister’s house, and here we are all enjoying our Christmas dinner. This year I failed to find any interesting crackers, so we are hat-less! That’s the first time ever.

Elaine’s daughter Helen, and her son Joshua, came to join us for opening Christmas presents. And Robert used my camera so I can at last appear in a Gray family photo!

 MG 8006

Robert was looking after his daughter’s dog, so Lawrence and I had some dog-walking duties. Fuhski loves playing a game where she bites onto something and you have to pull at it. She can do this for ages!

 MG 7993


Helen brought her dog, Hugo, over for a long walk in the woods. He’s quite a different character to Fuhski.

 MG 8268

 MG 8301

 MG 8284 MG 8275

On New Year’s Eve, Lawrence and I were full of colds, and Elaine and Robert were spending time in Swanage, so we stayed in and caught up on some excellent tv series which we cannot see out here in Malaysia. Then on New Year’s Day, we took Lawrence’s 94 year old Mum out for afternoon tea at Marygreen Manor in Brentwood.

New Years Eve toastteatime

On our last day in the UK, all the family (except Joshua) went out for lunch, so I grabbed some more photos of everyone for the record. It was always the tradition in my family that we should take family photos whenever we were all together. Everyone used to object, especially when my sister’s children were young, but we did it anyway and I am so glad to have that as a record. But Lawrence’s family do not have this tradition, but I try anyway.

 MG 8322

 MG 8329

And lastly, some photos of the view outside the house when the world turned a very strange colour on New Year’s Day. When I looked out of the bedroom wondow, I could see that the trees across the road were bright orange, so I grabbed my camera and rushed outside. It was starting to rain and there was a rainbow in the blue-grey sky. The rainbow soon disappeared but the sky stayed this brilliant colour until the sun set on our drive to afternoon tea.

 MG 8242

 MG 8230

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