Sapporo Beer


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The rain had started to fade away by the time we arrived in Sapporo, so we sat outside under canvas and had a late lunch at the Sapporo Beer Terrace. We cooked our own food (mostly lamb and veg) on a hot plate, ate some delicious chips, all washed down by Sapporo’s best beer. Anita was our designated driver to get us to the hotel, so ‘thank you Anita!’.

 MG 8262

The brewery was an interesting looking building, but our lunch decided us against visiting the museum! We did get to see barley and hobs growing outside, which was a neat idea.

 MG 8254 MG 8252

 MG 8256

After an enjoyable lunch, we found the Richmond Hotel Sapporo Ski-Mae and discovered more delights about parking cars in Japan. For this hotel, one had to drive the car into a lift and then get out, although none of this was clear to us at the time! When it was time to leave the next day, the car was summonded in the lift and the driver got in at ground level. Who knows where it went in the meantime?

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