Ubud market area

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The Balinese are of the Hindu religion, and every day they leave offerings on the road (photo on left), on statues, in fact everywhere. At times I felt that this is what made them more reckless on motorbikes as they all thought they were charmed! The wearing of crash helmets was relatively rare, and often there were two adults and a young child on a bike. With very little in the way of public transport though, there is no other option. Free and safe movement on the road is also hampered by processions to temples as these take priority.

Ubud traffic officers have been working hard to stop illegal parking along the roadside by the shops. The roads are simply not wide enough to allow parking, so we ended up in a carpark some 20 min walk from the shops! This meant a long walk down some fascinating streets. Temples are everywhere and so commonplace that it is easy to pass by without paying attention. The black and white clothes placed around statues represent good and evil, and the scarry face is the demon protector of the temple.

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These streets were full of activity. Here were some local ladies considering the purchase of round bags which seemed popular at this time.

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And here is a laundry, clearly short of space for drying the larger items!

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Ubud has a reputation for arts and crafts, as seen in the simple street decorations and the skill of the house builders.

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Having successfully found a post office, then somewhere to sit and cool down for a bit, it was time to drive home before darkness fell. Thankfully, Google Maps remembered where we had parked the car!

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