Yokohama City

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Yokohama is on the eastern coast of Japan, just south of Tokyo.  As a port city, it has evidence of foreign influences, shown below in the strange design of houses on The Bluff overlooking the city, and the grave stones in the cemetery for foreign nationals.

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As a city prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters, street signs like this are not uncommon but a little disturbing to non-locals.

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Further south in Kamakura, I noticed the following advisory sign:

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We were staying near the Motomachi shopping district at a time of year when the plum blossoms were just beginning to wake up.

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A 10-minute walk took us to the waterfront and a very pleasant stroll to the shopping centre and a tangle of entertainment diversions.

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Looking down from the 69th floor of the Sky Garden put Yokohama into perspective.  It is clearly a sprawling port city touching the edges of Tokyo to the north.  Despite the haze, we could still make out Mount Fuji in the distance.

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In addition to people and buildings, Yokohama City was filled with wildlife, and with birds in particular.  The waterfront was full of diving ducks, and the skies were populated with ferocious kites.

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[For images of Yokohama in autumn 2015, please go to The Bluff and Downtown Yokohama.]

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