Day 1 - A walk on The Bluff

It was Halloween week while we were in Japan, and Halloween motifs were everywhere. We walked around some of the older foreigner houses up on The Bluff, and they were filled with Halloween decorations with some very Japanese styling.

IMG 0013IMG 0018

Being a weekend, the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery was open to the public.  Here we saw a great variety of tombstones, many belonging to significant contributors to Japanese life.  For example, there was Andre Roger Lecomte who introduced French bread.  For those of you who have not visited Japan yet, you won’t be aware of their wonderful bakeries.

The eeriness of the location was exagerated by the squaking ravens in the trees.

And, the Halloween theme was continued by the emence number of spiders and spider webs in the cemetery!

IMG 0058

IMG 0032

IMG 0040

IMG 0063

IMG 0073


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IMG 0075

Continuing our late afternoon stroll of the hill over Yokohama, we met others also out for a stroll, including this small dog.  It was common to see small dogs in dog-prams, and most dogs had coats on despite it being a warm sunny day.

IMG 0089

IMG 0096

As the sun was disappearing, the skyline of Yokohama became less harsh (sorry, I haven’t yet learnt how to put space between these photos):

IMG 0102IMG 0103

And then we watched a baker in action, with jewel-like trays of pastry cases freshly out of the oven, and looking like fire themselves.  So, with some delicious cakes in hand, we walked down the hill to our home, justifying the eating of the cakes with the fact that we’d walked almost 20,000 steps today!

IMG 0100

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