Day 4 - Takayama Jinya

Takayama has many museums of interest, but we decided to select just one, the Takayama Jinya. This was the branch office of the Edo Bakufu (government) from 1692 to 1868, and is the only existing building of its kind in Japan.

IMG 0371

IMG 0370

IMG 0386

Maintaining the serenity of a Japanese garden requires a lot of hard work, but the results are spectacular.

IMG 0393

IMG 0401

IMG 0444

IMG 0407

In the grounds of Takayama Jinya was a fascinating display of bonsais, but not the typical bonsai trees which we are familiar with, but bonsai chrysanthemum plants in full flower!

IMG 0465

Outside Takayama Jinya was this statue of a samurai, presuably one who had occupied this building at some time.

IMG 0366

The samurai sculpture contrasts sharply with statues of modern Japanese style:

IMG 0355

IMG 0362

Still, put a Japanese maple tree anywhere, and beauty and harmony are restored!

IMG 0360

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