Day 1: Auckland

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We arrived in Auckland after a 10-hour overnight flight from Singapore, during which an air stewardess spilt orange juice all over Lawrence causing quite a kerfuffle!  It was grey outside and raining so we caught up on our sleep and then ventured out into a very empty city.  I had heard that Auckland was low rise, but for New Zealand’s biggest city, its scale was a surprise to someone more used to Asian cities.

Given that today was Christmas Eve, there was little going on in the heart of Auckland!  We went up the Skytower, the tallest building in Auckland, to take a look at the city and watched in frustration as a huge weather front came in dumping rain on the city.  So much for Christmas in the sun!

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Our first meal in New Zealand was in an Indian restaurant; strangely it had been a long time since we’d been to such a place. It was here we first learnt that most of the service staff in New Zealand are not from New Zealand!  Indeed, as tourists it can be quite difficult to find a true New Zealander to talk too! After leaving the restaurant, we heard the bells of St. Patrick’s Church (very festive) and looked round to see the Skytower wearing its Christmas colours.

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