Day 23: To Dunedin

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We had a very stormy night, so not too much sleep. The morning was grey, wet, and very very windy. Simply getting the car door open and closed was a problem in this wind. You may be wondering about the colour of the lakes? This is caused by the presence of glacier flour as it is called; it is the very fine particles of rock washed down by the glacier which reflects blue light.

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We drove south via Twizel, then eastwards to Oamaru on the coast. I don’t know where we stopped for lunch, but a classic car club had stopped at the same place. We had seen quite a few very old sparkling cars along the road headed to Mt. Cook; I think that New Zealanders never throw their cars away!

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We eventually arrived in a cold and wet Dunedin, so caught up on some sleep and then went to the cinema. Dunedin is New Zealand’s Edinburgh and there is so much in the architecture here to remind you of Scotland. And, in the pub, another reminder: haggis pie!

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