Day 7: Matakana to Auckland

IMG 0460

Today was a relatively short drive to Auckland, so we stopped in Puhoi to visit the Bohemian Village museum. This was a charming museum with audio-commentary and recordings from some of the older members of the community. The settlers had been promised land for farming, but first they had to clear the dense forests of kauri trees. They must have been really tough folk!

As with most of these small old communities, the buildings were neat and cleanlined, like this church shown below.

IMG 0461

IMG 0463

Back on Route 1, we turned off to look at the Hot Spring Resort of Waiwera, then continued on the scenic Hibiscus Route to Auckland and its museum. We watched a Maori Cultural Show in the museum, but thought the one at Waitangi was more enjoyable. After a while, you start to see the same themes in these museums, however large or small. But here was a unique collection of Maori portraits, such as that of Te Aho-o-te-Rangi Wharepu shown below.

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