The train journey to Nikko

 MG 9203

I thought I would show some photos of housing/countryside in Japan. The houses in places like Hakodate are a jumpled mess, not the serene style of the old wooden buildings. Because of the need to account for earthquakes, power lines can not be hidden below ground, so there is always a tangled web of wires hanging over streets. Only the municipal areas (river banks) are neat and tidy, elsewhere you rarely find a road of identical houses, and this adds to the visual chaos. As you travel further north out of Tokyo and towards Nikko, the buildings become better on the eye and more traditional in form, despite using modern building materials. And now you will find the yellow-green fields of rice, dotted with electricity pylons.

 MG 9212

 MG 9216

 MG 9220

 MG 9228

 MG 9233

 MG 9238

 MG 9242

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