A long drive from Punaka to Phobjikha Valley.

 MG 0624

Views of Punakha behind the prayer flags.

 MG 0651

30 March and on a long drive from Punakha to the Phobjikha Valley.

 MG 0642

 MG 0657

Terraced fields are common here given the steepness of the hillsides.

The highest point on our journey and our welcome pit stop with views of snow-capped mountains.

 MG 0705

Bhutanese dogs are everywhere and rather noisy at night.

 MG 0769

Walking through the pine forrest towards Phobjikha Valley.

 MG 0762 MG 0717

 MG 0756

A woodsman gives directions to our guide to avoid the marshy land ahead.

 MG 0774

White prayer flags overlook the valley where black necked cranes settle in winter.

 MG 0798

Farm houses.

 MG 0816

Our tasty lunch of (local) red rice, grilled aubergine, greens, potatoes and vegetable dumplings.  Bhutanese are vegetarians.

 MG 0840

A typical (Good Luck Company) truck on the mountain pass.

 MG 0738

A board game on a roadside rock.

 MG 0843

Trucks loaded with timber make their way downhill.

 MG 0939

It was hard to find roads through the mountains wide enough for two vehicles, but most drivers seemed sensible and safe.

 MG 0885

Offical announcement of road closure; I don't think anyone was aware of this though.

 MG 0864

We wait while the road was repaired.

 MG 0912

Glad this road was dry. Note how sharply the road drops away!

 MG 0879
A group of monks at the roadside.

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