From Punakha to Paro.

 MG 0963

View from the nunnery in Punakha.

 MG 0957

31 March and at a hill top nunnery (Sangchen Dorji Lhundrup Chholing) above Punakha.

 MG 1011

Back in Thimphu town centre, enroute to Paro.

 MG 1017

Typical shops in Paro mainstreet.

 MG 1029

Housing in Paro town.

 MG 1035

Sunday morning market in Paro.

 MG 1047

 MG 1065

 MG 1041 MG 1053

 MG 1083

Lawrence outside the old museum in Paro, rendered unsafe by an earthquake a few years ago.

 MG 1110

Looking down over Paro dzong and the valley below.

 MG 1146
Paro valley.

 MG 1152

Small chortens left on the hillside (for luck, health, etc).

 MG 1116 MG 1128

 MG 1167

Helen and Tar (our excellent guide).

 MG 1158

Looking towards Zurig Lhakhang (15th century building); two days walk to Tibet from here.

 MG 1185

Zuring Lhakhang, Paro.

 MG 1197 MG 1183

 MG 1200
An elderly gentleman turns the prayer wheel.

 MG 1203

One of the oldest temples in Bhutan, Kyichu Lhakhang.

 MG 1212 MG 1206

 MG 1224
Lawrence the archer.

 MG 1236
Helen the archer.

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