Driving around the park on day 1

IMG 5210

Animals are most active at dawn and dusk, so we got up early to see what was going on at the waterhole. Note how the little impala get everywhere!

IMG 5250

IMG 5255

IMG 5287

We left the waterhole to drive around the park to another waterhole; one which was almost dried up.

IMG 5325

IMG 5327

IMG 5336

Back on the road, and animals were everywhere.

IMG 5346

IMG 5350IMG 5389

IMG 5400

IMG 5367IMG 5352

IMG 5365

IMG 5412

In the grounds of Namutoni, to the eastern end of the park.

IMG 5424

Namutoni Fort which was once a German police station, restored in 1957.

IMG 5425

The noise of the weaver birds was fearsome, despite their tiny size.

IMG 5235IMG 5239

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