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To sum up this Blog Spot:

It is all about wit, charm, sex, politics, history, travel, technology, literature, films, videos, people and places!

To sum up me:

I'm a screenwriter, director, novelist, blogger, lecturer and international movie bit part walk on extra! See me being myself in Oliver Stone’s movie “Snowden” where I play a man running up a flight of stairs pointing wildly at a man he thinks he recognizes. It is a stretch of a role, but I pull it off magnificently.

I've got a few literary, screenwriting and film-making prizes to my name. I have writing credits for various UK and Singapore TV series that have come and gone. And I've a couple of prize winning novels and a collection of short stories that you can buy off this site. And for that matter, I have a whole bunch of new stories that are scattered about various obscure publications that I should collect together and put out. Watch that space! There is a feature film of mine that used to be on Amazon Prime that's now relegated to the obscurity of Vimeo. You can watch that for a meagre donation. Links are on the page. And what a pain that you have to actually register on Vimeo to watch it, but trust me, it's worth it. And besides, once registered you can trawl Vimeo for a whole range of interesting stuff that film makers get up to. And if you are really cheap skate, there are various bootleg copies floating about on YouTube that I've grown too tired of chasing down.

My YouTube Channel, is a rag bag of vlogs and travel videos. My wife and I began making documentaries about Malaysia's Sultans, and then Covid stopped all production. But our video about the rise and fall of Johor Lama is really worth a watch and our little one about Johor Bahru is quite nice as well. One nice thing about making videos with my wife is that we don't have to deal with money people, producers, actors, distributers etc etc. who are all a complete pain in the ass to deal with. And because we're dirt cheap we can just put it on YouTube. Remove having to make money from the equation and everything becomes fun again. You have to put up with a lot of nonesense to get to that stage, but once there, the secret is to chill out and recognise that you have actually made it!

I'm also rather fond of our travel vlogs of Tasmania and Myanmar, so go seek them out as well. Our aim with the channel was to turn it into a collection of travel and history documentaries but it will have to be mostly a bunch of vlogs. They're quite fun as well if somewhat raw. I mean, I'm a screenwriter so I know how much of an improvement having a script is! Even so, please Like Share Subscribe! And look out for the next big production which will be a brief history of Essex, largely because after thirty years in Asia, we have moved to Essex. You can see our vlogs about resettling back into Britain.

But as you have arrived at my BLOG make sure to follow my postings. I post musings on random topics. I wish I could say there was a great theme, so that this site could be easily catalogued and branded and thus very Google friendly, but frankly that would be boring. If you are a screenwriter, there are a few pages in here about the art. I used to teach it in various institutions around the world, and always thought I should write another one of those "Learn the Secrets of Successful Screenwriting" books, but I always thought once you've told people the basics, there's not much else to say other than learn the business side of things or you will get screwed! If you have no ambitions to be a screenwriter, then do not worry, there is plenty more here. I write about people, places, history, science, technology, politics, and if one dips into my short stories, I am sure you will find that I write about sex as well.

To conclude then, after being one of Hong Kong’s sought after screenwriters and all round script fixer uppers, I became Johor Bahru’s most sought after screenwriter, documentary maker and lover of three words where one will do. Granted that in a world woefully pleased with its geographical ignorance, my addresses usually illicit the WTF response from Hollywood, I, however, like to think of them as having enriched my experience. And I am living in the hope that my present address in deepest Chelmsford is equally enriching and that the United Kingdom provides me with as many interesting experiences as Asia did. Whether it does or does not, I have always thought that a writer's main job is to make everything interesting, so even my disappointments will be written about with my usual wit and charm.

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