Colmar Tropicale, - Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi (August 2016)

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The Berjaya Hills Resort complex, near Bukit Tinggi, is a hill resort near the Genting Highlands. There are a variety of things you can do here: you can stay in the Colmar Tropicale Resort (shown above) and pretend you are in a small village in the Alsace region of France; you can stay in the Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort; you can visit the Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club; and/or you can visit a Japanese Garden, a Botanical Garden, go horse riding, zip-lining, and I guess many more things besides. We visited the French Town and the two gardens on a very wet day, but the relative coolness of the highlands made this a pleasant day none the less. There is an entrance fee to the Berjaya Resort Complex (RM13 for adults), and parking there is easy. Prices here for dining options seemed a bit steep, so it might be worth considering staying in one of the more atmospheric hotels in Janda Baik and making a day trip here.

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It did not take long to explore Colmar Tropicale, and being midweek, I guess it lacked a certain French hustle and bustle atmosphere. Still, we had coffee and cake in a Pattiserie, bought some olive bread, and said hello to some swans. For your information, this was the day before Malaysia National Day, hence all the Malaysian flags in the photos.

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If you walk up the tower at the end of the street, you can get a good view of the highlands.

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Walking back to the carpark, we saw a huge moth (about 6” wide) on the bridge, trying to disguise itself as part of the wooden structure.

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Next, we drove a short distance to the Japanese Gardens, which also provides a great view of the highlands.

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By now, the rain had stopped and the mist rising from the land was a wonderful eirie sight.

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The Japanese Garden looked ‘Japanese’ with its resident gardener, small waterfall and fish pond, but lacked the tranquility associated with the real thing. There was a spa at one end, so perhaps that is where you go to relax?

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The busiest destination here though was a small shop selling ice cream and nicknacks, so we sat down and enjoyed a lime ice lolly and watched the other tourists go by.

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Just passed this shop was the entrance to the Botanical Garden. Not many visitors ventured here, so we pretty much had it to ourselves along with the resident birds and monkeys which were making a lot of noise but mostly remained unseen. It did manage to spot a beautiful dragonfly, the only flying object to remain still enough for a photo.

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In October 2020 we revisited the area, staying at The Chateau Spa and Wellness Resort. Lawrence has made a video of this trip, which I have placed below…

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