The drive from Desert Homestead to Swakopmund

IMG 3809

In many different countries, it is common to see people leaving stones on top of each other, so Lawrence had to maintain the tradition here in the middle of nowhere.

Sociable weaver birds’ nest; I guess they must fall down eventually?

IMG 3730

IMG 3722IMG 3719

Rare warning signs had to be taken seriously, but what did this mean?

IMG 3736

Note the changing population numbers.                                           The tiny refuelling spot called Solitaire.

IMG 3743IMG 3740

A ground squirrel (one of many in the carpark).

IMG 3763IMG 3758

Beautiful oryx along the roadside.

IMG 3764

Road works with often confusing directions; do I stop or go?

IMG 3770IMG 3769

The Kuiseb Pass and some amazing geology.                             A convoy leaves ahead of us, never to be seen again!

IMG 3787IMG 3780IMG 3806IMG 3794

Stuck behind the only lorry on the C28 into Swakopmund.

IMG 3828IMG 3822IMG 3839IMG 3840

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