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Blackpool is famous for its entertainment, ballroom dancing, the beach, and of course the Tower! But we arrived in mid-January when everything was closed, but even so it still had some charm.  We ventured out of the hotel and took the tram to the Tower, stayed out in the howling wind long enough to take some photos, then headed straight back to the hotel and requested an additional heater for our room. We both wore our thick coats while eating dinner in the bar as it was soooooo cold!

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Immediatley opposite Blackpool Tower is an area paved with sayings made famous by comedians performing int he Tower. Even on such a cold day, it was still an interesting space.

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As we left the hotel the next morning, the sun appeared so we rushed across the road to take some more photos. It was still very very windy, as seen by the guy in this photo bracing himself against the wall to take a photo.

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