Day 4 - Takayama Shiroyama Park                                   and Sanmachi Traditional Buildings

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Shiroyama Park over looks Takayama town and is the site of the old castle. This is a statue of the founder of Takayama Castle, Kanamori Nagachika (1525-1608). We could have walked off into the trees for a scenic view, but a warning notice saying Beware bears have been sighted here rather put us off!  So, we glimpsed the view from the edge of the open park, then descended into the town below.

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Takayama retains the old-style Japanese buildings in what’s known as the Sanmatchi Traditional Buildings Preservation Area. The buildings are made of dark wood and the streets are narrow, so combined with the intense sunlight this morning, it was quite difficult to take photos where you could see any detail.

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Most shops and restaurants in this area had pots of plants outside and/or extraordinary items hung from above.

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The visitors to these streets come in all sorts of attire, but no less strange than some of the statuary:

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Now this rabbit shown below is called Ubobo and is a fertility symbol.  Previous craftsmen made a monkey-like object which became the symbol of the region.  It was updated later to this rabbit, and there was a whole shop devoted to items with Ubobo rabbit motifs on them.

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