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Life during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Looking for WHERE TO VISIT IN MALAYSIA?  Then I have suggestions for every State and every Federal Territory (except Labuan) in Malaysia. There are links on this page to all my travel blogs.



And to read in more detail about these Travels in Malaysia, then go to 

TRAVELS IN MALAYSIA for the full story of our adventures in our new home from August 2015. These blogs also include reports on the activities of the MALAYSIAN RED CRESCENT, as I accompany them on their work in Johor.

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WHAT TO DO IN JOHOR? gives tips on what there is to see and do, focussing on my home town of Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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Purchase JOHOR BAHRU - A WALKING HISTORY TOUR; take a self-guided tour around the streets of old Johor Bahru. As from August 2021, this unique book is sold out. I am leaving Malaysia in September 2021 and cannot provide further copies.

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Download a feature length documentary on THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF JOHOR LAMA; a tale of the Johor Sultans up to Sultan Abu Bakar and the founding of Johor Bahru. Also available on YouTube, now with a version containing English subtitles.


Download a 24 minute documentary on THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF JOHOR BAHRU; describing the foundation of this city. Also available on YouTube.


Both documentaries are presented on the video hosting service Vimeo, so you can watch them at the highest quality, but for this there is a small fee (US$2). The Hidden History of Johor Bahru and The Hidden History of Johor Lama are now available on YouTube for free (March 2020). 

THE HISTORY OF JOHOR BAHRU provides links to blogs on different aspects of the culture and history of Johor Bahru.

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TRAVELS covers a collection of photos and commentaries on our trips out of Hong Kong (from 2013-2015) and from Malaysia since 2015. 

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EXIT A1 is a collection of photos taken around Exit A1 of all the 91 MTR stations in Hong Kong, with the aim of collecting images of people and buildings which characterise the different districts of Hong Kong. This project now has its own website at

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HONG KONG is a more random collection of photos taken in Hong Kong and includes a blog on the Umbrella Movement in early October 2014; a defining moment for Hong Kong.

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FLOPPY DOG presents some stop action movies starring our very own Floppy Dog!

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