Tzu Chi Malaysia

 MG 1309-HDR

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a Taiwanese organisation, spread throughout all of Malaysia. Inside this forbidding and characteristic grey stone building, were many small elegant rooms for devotion and study. Next door was a small book shop/cafe of religious books. If you want to venture inside, just put your shoes into a blue bag (kept in a box by the door) and carry these inside with you. If you are into recycling, you can purchase items made from recycled materials from a small shop just inside. And, if you are into volunteering your time to help the needy, this is an option here.

 MG 1297

 MG 1301

 MG 1302

Just as with the Fo Guang Shan HsingMa Si Education Centre, everything inside this building (including the staircase on the left) were exquisitely designed.

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