This and That!


Before we left for the UK, I was given the challenge by a friend here to take a photo of a Ploughman’s Lunch. We never did find this historical artefact but enjoyed eating and drinking everything else we came across.



Our days spent in London are used primarily to get in a bit of culture and to meet up with old friends, but I rarely remember to take photos of the latter. So, as a reminder to myself, here is Barbara Cox with Lawrence in Spitalfields after we’d had a long lunch in Carluccio’s. We met up with Barbara in the New Year when train services from Brentwood to Liverpool St. had resumed. But, when we arrived at Brentwood station, we found the trains were cancelled due to an incident on the lines. So, we had a scenic bus ride into Romford by which time the trains were running again. Good thing too as we still hadn’t figured out how to get from Romford into the city.

And here are photos of Mark and Julia Hudson in the superb Polish Baltic restaurant in Southwark. Thoroughly recommend this place for something different.


London seems to have great buskers, with someone always serenading you as you walk from one platform to another in the Tube. Buskers in Convent Garden have to audition for the prime spots. We listened to a fantastic opera singer; he was rather underdressed for the part but he had a great rich velvety voice. We also watched a Swede (?) perform a show with the help of audience participation; now that was fun!



But, the overwhelming topic of conversation on this trip was the general mess known as Brexit and the resulting doom and gloom. This poster in Liverpool St. station caught my eye, afterwhich I saw quite an assortment of posters from HSBC at various railway stations. I did not see any pro-Brexit signs inLondon.

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