Day 9 - Lake Toya to Hakodate

 MG 8870

We drove through poring rain and grey skies to arrive in Hakodate late morning, and headed straight for the Motomachi area of town where you find an assortment of large foreign embassy buildings and churches. We only had time for two buildings but could easily have spent all day here. So, we dropped our luggage off at the Hotel Mystays Hakodate Goryokaku and went to the nearby Toyota carhire depot to say goodby to our car. Then it was off to visit the Goryokaku Fort and into the Magistrate’s Office.

IMG 6833

This was our last evening together, and we had no dinner booked. Our hotel gave us a list of local restaurants and, finding our chosen one closed, we tried another. I do not know its name but it was a typical small bar/food place you find all over Japan (photo on left). The five of us squeezed into a small room for four and tried to read the menu with the aid of Google Translate. Well that was a complete failure! Still, we knew how to order sake and Paule knew enough words to order a few bits and pieces, and we all had a great evening. The staff didn’t know what we were saying most of the time, and we did not know what they were saying, but it did not matter. Japanese food is always good, so unless you are very picky, just go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

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