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Sossusvlei is in a huge strip of red sand dunes which covers the southern part of the western coast of Namibia. It was so photogenic, that I have included rather a lot of photos here!

Spot the hot air balloons after their journey at sunrise.

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Lawrence and Helen in the red sands.

IMG 3446

Are we on the moon?

IMG 3471

Dune number 45 (see the climbers on top?)

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The fine surface sand had an almost liquid quality about it, in the way it behaved when stepping on it.

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IMG 3539

The base of a sand dune.

IMG 3547IMG 3556

The side of Dune #45.

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After walking on and around the specatular red sand dunes, we were driven in the 4WD vehicle to the area including Deadvlei (Dead pan).

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Deadvlei is known for its dead trees which are quite sculptural and surreal.

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               Dead-looking trees aren’t dead!                                                      A jackal joins us for lunch.

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