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Anita and I took the train to Edinburgh, and as you can see above, it was pretty cold and windy! Edinburgh has a more spiky appearance than Glasgow, with many spire-like structures. And, many more hills, so plenty of stairs to run up and down.

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We happily went inside St. Giles Cathedral to avoid the wind, and were rewarded with a lovely church to explore with beautiful stained glass windows.

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Here is a memorial plague to the writer and poet, Robert Louis Stevenson. When I was a young girl, it was the thing to collect autographs in a book. I had such a collection, in which was written a saying ascribed to Robert Louis Stevenson: “He who never makes a mistake, never makes a discovery.” This is something I think all research scientists should remember!

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After visiting the cathedral, we came across the National Museum of Scotland. There was far more in here than we could take in on one visit, but well worth heading back too. On the ground floor was a natural history exhibition displaying animals based on their skill sets; fascinating! And you could not avoid finding this part of the museum because everyone was attracted to this deer.

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Slightly harder to find was the roof top garden, which would have yielded a stunning view on a sunny day!

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