Wave Rock to Esperance (7th May, 330 miles)

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Esperance is a busy port city on the south coast of Westeren Australia. The view from our hotel on The Esplanade (shown below) is typical of many of the southern coastal towns, with rows of huge Norfolk Pine trees lining up on parade. These trees originate from the Norfolk Islands off the east coast of Australia.

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The top photo and those to come are from Lucky Bay in the Cape le Grand National Park, which is an hours drive east of Esperance. The white sands and turquoise seas were stunning to look at, but there were few people around to enjoy the scene on this blustery afternoon.

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IMG 4596

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The tourist leaflets show kangaroos lounging on this beach. Since there were none here today, I had to make up my own:

IMG 4590

IMG 4571

We drove through the park on to Cape le Grand beach, by which time the sun was getting quite low in the sky. People were camping near both these beaches, and I understand that they are very popular during the summer.

IMG 4607

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We arrived back in Esperance just in time to watch the sun set over the Pink Lake. This lake is no longer pink, but the colourful sunset made up for that.

IMG 4674-HDR

IMG 4684

And finally, a not quite full moot shot! Never managed a photo of the moon before; this trip has so many firsts!

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