Camp Kipwe and its desert-adapted elephants

IMG 4271

On a dawn hunt for elephants! It took a while to find them, but they were great fun to watch when they appeared at last. 

Camp Kipwe at sunrise. The chalets were made of mud and stone with an outside shower with water heated by a real fire. So, washing had to be done at the right time or the shower would be very cold, as we found out!

IMG 4125

Tracking the elephants through the cow pasture land. Finding fresh elephant dug is a skill! And, enjoying a rare golden morning sky is a great reward for getting up so early!

IMG 4138

IMG 4139IMG 4145

Here are the elephants! They took no notice of us in the jeep, just wandered by eating dry sticks of vegetation.

IMG 4155

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IMG 4165

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After the elephants had walked off, we climbed a boulder to eat our breakfast/lunch, then drove off to see the geological formation known as The Organ Pipes which results from volcanic activity many many years ago.

IMG 4321

Finally arrived back at Camp Kipwe in late afternoon, in time to enjoy a sundowner! Would like to have stayed longer here, just to enjoy the isolation of the camp itself.

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