Christmas 2017 in the UK

 MG 4756

For this Christmas visit to the UK, we spent a few days in London before spending a couple of weeks in Essex at my sister-in-law’s home. Then we drove up to the Lake District on the west of England to stay for a couple of days with my cousin and his wife. Then further north to stay with my good friend Anita in Glasgow and meet up with my sister and family as they flew over from the Isle of Harris for a couple of days. Glasgow was covered in snow when we left, and we were lucky to leave just in time as a snow storm hit us on the motorway south and caused a blockage just behind us! Since we had never really explored the western side of England, we decided to stop at Blackpool and Liverpool on our way back south to Heathrow airport. We were lucky to get three sunny days in the whole five weeks, so most of my photos have a grey gloomy sky, and it is hard to make interesting photos with that kind of light. Still, I have put together here a collection of the more interesting photos to remind me of this trip.

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