Chinese Temples in Penang

 MG 4288-HDR

This is the Goddess of Mercy temple, which is considered the oldest Chinese temple in Penang, built in 1800.

 MG 4291-HDR

 MG 4304

 MG 4312

 MG 4317

This is a very active and busy temple, but if you walk around the back, you can sit in a lovely little garden of contemplation.

 MG 4328-HDR MG 4322-HDR

Penang has many Chinese temples, and this one below is the Hainan Association and Temple on Jalan Muntri (built in 1895).

 MG 4198-HDR

 MG 4211 MG 4204-HDR

 MG 4219-HDR

 MG 4174

The coloured pottery which adorns these Chinese temples and the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is carefully cut out from bowls such as these. They are only glazed on the outside as they are never intended to be used to hold food.

The Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic was commissioned to paint murals in Penang, just as he had done in Ipoh. This one was almost hidden next to a small Chinese temple.

 MG 4255-HDR

 MG 4253

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