Taking a ferry to Manly

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Sydney Harbour is packed with ships of all sizes, and the monstrous ocean liners (shown on the lefthandside above) destroy the human scale of the Sydney Harbour bridge and all the smaller ferries. They dance around like butterflies in comparison.

We were staying with friends in Balmain which is an easy bus ride away from this iconic part of Sydney. As we crossed the main road to catch the bus, we could see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the far distance, and to the right was the striking Anzac Bridge. And, in between, endless construction work as if Sydney is still inventing itself.

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Thankfully to sea was calm today, and the 30-minute ride provided plenty to look at. Naturally, there are many buildings along the bay, but you can’t beat the old colonial style of the Admiralty Building on the headland.

IMG 5057

Here is the view as we arrived at Manly with the ferry stirring up the beautifully clear water by the golden beach. 

IMG 5069

But this was not the Manly beach of legend, one had to walk through the town to the other side for that.

IMG 5075

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We walked along to Shelley Beach, admiring the sunbathing wildlife along the way, had an ice lolly and then walked back to the ferry.

IMG 5099

On our return trip back to Sydney Harbour, the sky had developed a red tinge from the forest fires, yet the Opera House stood out in a dignified manner as always.

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