Dochu La, Chumni Lhakhang temple, and Punakha Dzong.

 MG 0315

On 29 March we drove up to Dochu La at 3140 m, but view of the Eastern Himalayas was lost in the mist.

 MG 0337

The temple complex at Dochu La.

 MG 0423

A rainy and windy afternoon at Chumni Lhakhang; a temple dedicated to Drukpa Kuenley, otherwise known as "The Divine Madman”.

 MG 0438

A young monk doing his homework!

 MG 0441

An even younger monk hiding behind a prayer wheel.

 MG 0519

 MG 0537

The smell of wood-burning fires is noticable everywhere.

 MG 0414 MG 0522

 MG 0546
Punakha dzong; site of the recent royal wedding and all important celebrations in Bhutan.

 MG 0555

 MG 0591
Inside Punakha dzong.

 MG 0579
A monk in Punakha dzong.

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