Life during the COVID-19 outbreak (22nd March, 2020 and onwards…...)



Around 10 pm on Monday 16th March, it was announced that Malaysians would be put under strict movement controls from 18th to 31st March in an attempt to slow down the community spread of COVID-19. As each day goes by, there are slight tweaks to the official announcement, and as from Sunday 22nd, the police will be reinforced by the military to remind people to get off the streets.

For those of us who do not read or understand Behasa Melayu, the advice coming from the Government via newspapers and internet postings can seem unclear. So, with the help of Lekha Nandey of the Malaysian Red Crescent, I have put together a few bits of information which may be of help. For your information, I was a Professor of Pharmacology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before I retired in 2015. I lived through the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003 and I taught ‘Infectious Diseases - control and treatment’ to students of Pharmacy for many years. I have been keeping close tabs on what my friends back in Hong Kong have been doing to get through this epidemic, so I hope the following information is helpful. If you have any questions, please go to to seek up to date professional advice.

Social Distancing

Viruses are parasitic organisms that need a host (human) to survive and proliferate, so if you can break their link to a new host you will decrease the extent of transmission. The fewer people you interact with, the less chance you have of spreading the virus to others (assuming you are asymptomatic and not aware you are infected). And should you find yourself positive for the COVID-19 virus, it makes it much easier to trace your contacts and isolate them. At the present time, it is recommended that you leave a distance of at least 1 m (3 ft) between you and others. This is important to remember when you head out to do your food shopping. When you return, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly, for 20 sec, with soap and water. Your daily mantra should be “Do not touch MEN (i.e. mouth, eyes, nose)” and “Wash hands regularly”.

IMG 9816

Do I need to wear a mask?

This is a tricky one to answer with any certainty. If you have COVID-19, then wearing a mask will help prevent you from infecting others, and clearly this is desirable. So, the answer here is YES.

If you have no reason to suspect you have COVID-19, then wearing a mask may actually increase your chance of catching the virus. This is because the virus is transmitted on droplets released from the lungs of an infected person. These droplets land on surfaces all around us, on door handles, on light switches, on food packages, on shopping bags, and on our clothes. The virus can survive on such surfaces for several days. So, if you touch a contaminated surface, then touch your face, this dramatically increases the chance of infection. Wearing masks is very uncomfortable and unpleasant, I know as I had to do this during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong. Because it is uncomfortable, and soft surgical masks do not fit very well, you tend to fiddle with them, and thus increase the chance of infection as hands touch your face. In addition, you will want to remove your mask to eat, to drink, or to smoke, and every time you touch your mask with your hands, you again increase the chance of infection. 

So, for those with no reason to suspect they have COVID-19, the best recommendation is to simply “Avoid touching MEN (mouth, eyes, nose)” and to keep hands clean by regular and thorough washing with soap and water. In addition, if right-handed use your left hand to open doors, etc, as you are more likely to touch your face with your right hand. And we routinely touch our faces many many times a day, a habit we need to try and stop.

[IMPORTANT UPDATE (Nov. 2020)…. please wear a mask when out in public, but do wear it properly. The nose and mouth must be covered. As noted above, if you unknowlingly have COVID-19, then wearing a mask reduces transmission to others. The ability of a mask to prevent you catching the virus depends on the properties of your mask, but it is definitely better than nothing, especially if warn properly and combined with social distancing and regular hand washing. But the greatest efficacy of all is if everyone wears a mask and if social distancing is adhered to whenever possible.]

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Self Isolation / Home Quarantine

The following diagram summarises who and when anyone should self isolate. These schematic was designed by medical staff for their use, but I think it is the best summary I have come across to date so have included it here.


If you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, then you are B in the schematic above. If you have rushed back to Malaysia from a foreign country with an active outbreak of COVID-19, you are more likely to be C, unless informed otherwise by your airline telling that you are B. In both cases, home quarantine is essential for 14 days and you need to know what symptoms to look out for.

IMG 9815

Do remember the following: “We stay at work for you” so “You stay at home for us”.

Have I got COVID-19?

If you have any questions and you want to ask a doctor, then go to and click on ‘Ask Free Question’ or ‘Consult a Doctor’.

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 6.20.00 PM

The symptoms of COVID-19 infection are principally fever (high temperature as the body tries to kill off the virus), a dry cough, and difficulty in breathing. Thankfully, the majority of people will get just the first two symptoms and these can be managed at home. Besides, these two symptoms are common with many other respiratory diseases which arent going to stop just because of COVID-19. So, there is no need to distract doctors from treating those who will not survive without hospital care. If in doubt, do make use of as this has been set up by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for this purpose.

For home management, you can use paracetamol to reduce fever if it is uncomfortable. If you have a humidifier that can be useful to help with the dry cough. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and rest. If at all possible, stay in a separate room to the rest of your family and open the window for good ventilation. Wear a mask in the presence of others to avoid spreading whatever infection you have, and try and keep at least 1 m (3 ft) between you and others. Use the bathroom after everyone else has had their wash, and wipe down all surfaces afterwards with household cleaners or disinfectant to kill off any virus-contaminated surfaces (see advice from CDC). Put used mask and clothes in a plastic bag, separate from rubbish collected by the rest of your household.

If your symptoms progress to difficulty in breathing, then it is time to consider getting to a hospital, and being tested for COVID-19. Remember all the time to avoid contaminating others. But first, there is a hotline for your nearest hospital if you are in Johor. Do call first to check how to proceed.

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 6.22.14 PM

Other websites with information

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 3.19.38 PM

You can access all sorts of information from  It does have the English option but very little of the useful Infographics contain English.

It also has a ‘Consult Doctors’ button which takes you to the site I have described above.

IMG 9814

If you have any other questions, there is a 24 hour hotline but I do not know if they speak English.

Be prepared……… work out your contingency plan with your family so everyone knows how to get help should it become necessary ( Encourage your family and friends to practise Social Distancing, and support friends/family who might be alone at this time by regular contact using phone or internet. Don’t forget that you can videochat using smartphones, for free, using apps such as Skype or FaceTime. Get your children to teach their elders how to use this technology so that they too can chat with their friends.

Latest updates

Sunday 22nd March 

(A) As of today only one person - the head of the family - would be allowed to go out to get basic necessities or medication. See this link.

(B) Advice from KKM (Kememterian Kesihatan Malaysia, the Malaysia Ministry of Health) for those going out to buy food and how to protect your loved ones when you come home.

Below are steps to be taken after returning home from shopping:

1) Remove mask, put it in a plastic bag and throw it out.

2) Avoid interacting with household members.

3) Head to the shower immediately and remove all clothing worn. Soak the clothing in soapy water before washing them.

4) Shower and ensure that face and hands are thoroughly washed with soap.

5) After completing all these steps, then only interact with others.

Monday 23rd March 

(A) Opening hours of essential businesses

Government announcement, dated 22nd March, kindly translated for me by Chriz Chin and Liam Hammer: All businesses considered non-essential must close. Essential business open hours are:

Private medical clinics 8am to 10pm

Wholesale market 4am to 3pm

Public wet market and private mini markets 7am to 3pm

Other essential businesses (I presume this is supermarkets and pharmacies) 7am to 7pm

[Also includes GrabFood deliveries which need to be ordered before 6:30pm.]

(B) Article about how to control a pandemic.

Here is a link to an excellent article explaining the different strategies used worldwide to combat coronavirus Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance by Tomas Pueyo

(C) Plea from KKM for donations for medical services.

Announcement from KKM (Kememterian Kesihatan Malaysia, the Malaysia Ministry of Health) 

COVID-19 The KKM has established a special account to allow people to contribute. The contribution of the people will be used for the purpose of buying medical equipment and requirements such as medication, reagents, disposable items, and other related medical needs at the KKM facility. 

Donations please to this account:

KKM medical contribution 2-66016-0002347-5 (RHB Bank)

Thank you from us to those of you who donated. 

(D) Announcement by Prime Minister re financial support.

The PM today announced the following initiative to help those who are struggling financially under the MCO:

1. Can take out RM500/month (max) from EPF. Valid for 12 months. Budget RM40 Billion.

2. RM500 Million will be channeled to hospital critical needs - machines, etc.

3. RM100 Million will ve given to health/hospitals to hire contract medical staff, especially nurses.

4. RM130 Million to all States to fight against COVID-19. Small SMEs, families that are affected by COVID-19 infection. Without an prejudice.

5. PTPN (study load) repayment suspension is extended from 3 - 6 months.

6. 30th March there will be an announcement regarding ecomony stimulation as part pf Government’s inititative to help everyone.

Tuesday 24th March

(A) Free treatment for expat or foreign worker

The Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has clarified that foreign nationals who exhibit COVID-19 infection symptoms need not pay outpatient treatment fee at government hospital or clinics. For non-COVID-19 conditions, there is a charge as usual. He added that this applied to al foreign workers or expats whether they are rich or poor.  [My thanks to Rene Marene for this translation.]

(B) How to stay safe after shopping

You are requested to wear a face mask when going out to shop for food or medicines.  KKM currently recommends the following procedure on your return home:

1. Remove face mask, put in plastic bag and dispose in the trash bin.

2. Avoid touching or hugging family members.

3. Remove clothes and soak them in soapy water before washing them.

4. Shower and use soap to clean your whole body.

5. Return to normal activities!

Wednesday 25th March

(A) MCO extended to 14th April 2020

Today the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the Movement Control Order (MCO) is extended to 14th April as new COVID-19 positive cases continue to occur.

(B) Connect to WHO via WhatsApp

The get the most up to date and precise information, add the World Health Organization to your contact list (+41 79 893 18 92) and text Hi as your message. 

Thursday 26th March

(A) How to protect yourself from your food shopping!

Here is an excellent video demonstrating how to clean your food shopping so that you do not bring the coronavirus into your home. You might want to do everythin the suggests, but most of us could mark out a small ‘quarantine area’ inside our home or garage space in which to dump non-perishable goods for 3 days, long enough for any viral contamination to die. Then we only need to think about how best to clean our perishable food stuffs.

Tuesday 31st March

(A) Enhanced Moverment Control Order (second phase)

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Thursday 2nd April

(A) Restrictions on use of private car are now in law

It is now law that: (1) Only one person per private car can travel for essential goods (groceries and medicines), and they must be the head of household or a representative, and (2) you can only travel within a radius of 10 km from your house. So, please carry some proof with you of your home address. This could be your I.C. if you have one, or a utility bill. Failure to prove your address will mean being sent back home at a road block. Charges can be brought under Rule3(1), Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020, which carries a maximum jail term of six months or a fine of up to RM1,000 or both upon conviction.

Sunday 5th April

(A) Information resource

If you follow ‘Makmur Johor’ on Facebook, you will see more detailed information about the incidence of COVID-19 within the state of Johor. While most the the FB information is in Malay, there is also English on this site, and diagrams are pretty easy to interpret. For example, this is the kind of information you can find:

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-05 at 12.30.59

Friday 10th April

(A) Travel advice for British Nationals in Malaysia

For information on how to travel to Kuala Lumpur for flights out of Malaysia during the MCO period, please see the UK in Malaysia - British High Commission Kuala Lumpur Facebook page.

(B) MCO extended to 28th April - with modifications

The Movement Control Order will continue in place for an extra two weeks, until 28th April. But now you can get a haircut! Some businesses will be allowed to operate provided they apply for permission and follow strict operating procedures. The image below summarises the businesses affected and please use this link for more detailed information in English.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 21.28.48

Friday 24th April

(A) MCO extended to 12th May

Yesterday the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the MCO would be extended until 12th May. Data provided by the Government suggests that the number of new infections per day is falling, but is not yet at a level where lifting the movement restrictions is justified.

(B) MySejahtera App

The KKM (Ministry of Health) has set up an App called ‘MySejahtera’ which can be downloaded onto any mobile phone device. Through this app, you can input your health status so that early signs of a local outbreak may be more quickly recognised, you can find out what to do and where to go should you need medical help for suspected COVID-19 infection, you can find out if there are reported cases in your locality, and much more besides. In addition, you can select to receive the information in English.

Wednesday 29th April

(A) MCO-4 modifications

People buying food and essentials can now be accompanied by one family member. See this article for more details. And you may be able to travel more than 10 km for something essential that you cannot get closer to home, but I think this still requires police permission. More on this here.

Monday 4th May

(A) Further MCO-4 modifications

While travel bans are still in place, the government intends to allow some businesses to restart and some of us will be able to get outside to exercise. Click here to find the list of banned activities.

Here’s a brief summary:

Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 4.18.58 PM

Saturday 9th May

(A) Clarification of CMCO rules

The new rules underlying the conditional MCO currently in place are confusing everyone. Heres a link to an article in MSN Malaysia news attemping to clarify matters.

Sunday 10th May

(A) Extension of the Conditioned MCO rules

The new rules have been extended to 9th June, but I have yet to find any webpage which clearly outlines the current situation. As a general statement, it would appear that we can now travel more than 10 km from home, but only if essential, and no interstate movement without police permission obtained in advance. We can have up to 4 persons per car, but they must belong to the same family. Some workplace restrictions are slowly being lifted, but on a case by case basis. The overall message remains the same, Stay At Home.

Tuesday 19th May

(A) Access to parks and shopping malls

As Malaysia starts to relax its MCO regulations a little, some parks and shopping malls are controlling access via Apps. Whenever I come across a new one, I shall add it here.

Parks: for Pilih Taman, Taman Merdeka, Hutan Bandar, Laman Tasek Pandan, please use this app:

Shopping Malls: The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey will be applying QR codes scans upon entry to the mall. You can find details on their FB page.

Saturday 6th June

(A) WHO advice on wearing masks

The WHO has revised its advice on wearing masks, saying they should be worn in public where social distancing is not possible. This is primarily because infected persons can be asymptomatic for several days and therefore unknowingly spread Covid-19. To read more about this, please use this link. Please remember that in Malaysia, if you have symptoms of Covid-19, please do go to  your nearest designated hospital for testing. You may have to stay there until results are obtained, but this is by far the best way to stop the spread of this infection.

Sunday 7th June

(A) New rules for the RMCO (recovery movement control order)

These are the new rules to take us forward from 10th June to 31st August.

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Wednesday 19th August

General update

I have spent the last few weeks driving around West Malaysia, so have missed some updates. I hope by now that people have found useful FB groups to get the latest information. If you sign up for the MySejahtera App, it makes access to buildings easier via its QR Code system, and you get updates from MKN (Malaysian National Security Council) regarding the latest regulations.

On 1st August, wearing of masks in enclosed areas become mandatory, and MKN recommends one follows the WHO Guidelines on what type of mask to wear.

If you know anyone trying to enter or leave Malaysia, I recommend joining the FB group Malaysia Air Travel Support Group; it really is very helpful. From 20th August, those wishing to enter Malaysia should register via the MYEntry website.

Finally, we should congratulate of Minister for Health, Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, for being awarded the title of Tan Sri. He is now known as Tan Sri DatoSeri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah. Under his leadership, Malaysia appears to have COVID-19 under control, at least while the borders are still closed. The Malaysia/Singapore border is slowly opening under controlled conditions, so we must all be more vigilant.

Friday 28th August

RMCO extended until December 31st 2020

All the same rules apply as when the RMCO was first introduced in June 2020. While the number of local cases of coronavirus infection is very low, we are still importing cases with residents returning from other countries. For the safety of Malaysians, the government has decided to keep tight control of the borders.

Thursday 3rd September

New rules barring entry to Malaysia 

As from 7th September, the government does not allow citizens of countries with recorded positive COVID-19 cases of more than 150,000 to enter Malaysia, according to Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Currently this means Bangadesh, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UK, and United States (see Malaysia Air Travel Support Group FB page on 3-9-20).

Monday 9th November

New CMCO rules from 9th November to 6th December 2020

These rules apply to all states in Malaysia, except Kelantan, Pahang, and Perlis. Here is an English translation of the main points, from the malaysiakini website:

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-07 at 20.16.59

Everything here is designed to avoid gatherings of people and to encourage people to stay at home unless they have to go to shop for essentials or for medical matters. Businesses remain open, but schools are closed. 

Dining out is discouraged, and since only 2 persons per car are allowed (and only form same household unless in Grab taxi), and only 2 persons per table in a restaurant, then family outings to dine out are off.

I think that visiting someone elses home is also discouraged, just as in the first CMCO period in May. There are special arrangements for the upcoming Deepavali celebrations though, as shown below.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-07 at 20.19.41

And the last point to emphasise is no interstate or cross-district travel, unless for work or with police permission. Road blocks are already in place to control unnecessary movement. So for us in Johor, we must remain in our own district as showing the map below.

map of johor districts

And for those of you who can read Malay, here are the official government notices for reference. All the official statements are on the website, but little in English.

CMCO repeat-1CMCO repeat-2

Saturday 21st November

The CMCO rules for Johor have been terminated early.

The CMCO rules for Johor have ceased for all districts except for Kota Tinggi and Mersing. We are now back to the RMCO conditions. And if you want to travel further afield, Melaka, Pahang and Terengganu are also back to the RMCO rules, just remember that you cannot travel through Selangor, Negeri Sembilan or KL without police permission. With things changing on a regular basis, make sure to check before any long journeys. Better still, go and explore more of west coast Johor!

Friday 27th November

The CMCO rules have been reinstated for Batu Pahat.

The CMCO rules for Tongkang Pecah in Batu Pahat will be in place from 29th Nov to 13th Dec. 2020

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Sunday 6th December

The CMCO rules have been updated.

The CMCO rules have been updated, with some States and Districts having CMCO extended to 20th December, and some have their CMCO status removed. However, exactly what the term CMCO means now has become very confusing. It used to mean no inter-district or interstate travel, but according to the footnotes in the summary below, these are now allowed, as long as you are not in or cross through an EMCO area. But what is an EMCO area? I cannot find any definition of this term. So, if you are planning a long drive, probably still best ot check with your local police station before settting off.

129030809 221567496030408 6131126268932499081 o128961603 1108818532881001 2349363992444107705 n

Heres a link to a helpful article explaining the current CMCO and EMCO conditions. EMCO is usually issued to one whole condo or an institution. You cannot leave your home and the government will provide three meals a day. The area will be guarded by police of the military.

Saturday 19th December

The CMCO for Johor Bahru has been extended to 31st December 2020

The CMCO period for Johor Bahru has been extended, which means that arrangements for Christmas need special consideration. The Christmas rules can be found on this link to an article in The Star . Basically, maximum 10 or 20 persons in landed property, depending on its size, and for 25th December only.

Other states/districts with CMCO extended are KL, Selangor, Sabah, parts of Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Batu Pahat and Pulai (see New Straits Times, online on 18 Dec.)

Monday 28th December

The CMCO for Johor Bahru has been extended to 14th January 2021

Here are the various changes to CMCO (PKPB) regulations.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 at 7.48.34 PM

[IMPORTANT UPDATE (Nov. 2020)…. please wear a mask when out in public, but do wear it properly. The nose and mouth must be covered. As noted above, if you unknowlingly have COVID-19, then wearing a mask reduces transmission to others. The ability of a mask to prevent you catching the virus depends on the properties of your mask, but it is definitely better than nothing, especially if warn properly and combined with social distancing and regular hand washing. But the greatest efficacy of all is if everyone wears a mask properly, washes their hands regularly, and if social distancing is adhered to whenever possible.]

Tuesday 12th January 2021

New movement control regulations for Malaysia, 13-26th Jan. 2021

Malaysia has been split into MCO (PKP), CMCO (PKP-B) and RCMO (PKP-P) regions, depending on ongoing infection rates. Here is a summary of what is and is not allowed. The overwhelming message remains to stay at home whenever possible, and no interstate travel is allowed.

MCO regs Jan 2021

Here’s a link to an article discussing the specific situation regarding schools.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

New movement control regulations for Malaysia.

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The MCO period here in Johor has been extended to 4th February 2021. At the same time, all states in Malaysia, except Sarawak, are now under MCO regulations. With the every changing situation, please remember that the simplest things make all the difference. So if you must leave your home, wear a mask and keep your distance from others!

Saturday 30th January 2021

What to do if you have Covid-19, or have come into contact with someone with Covid-19?

I doubt there can be anyone in Johor Bahru now who hasn’t come in contact with someone who has Covid-19, or knows of a Covid-19-positive friend/family member. So here is a useful summary which categorises us into 5 groups and tells us what to do if we come into contact with someone in any of these categories. Please remember though that you could be in Category E but, because you are asymptomatic, you will not have been tested for Covid-19. So, continue to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, maintain a good social distance, and stay at home as much as possible. 

143817988 2800699163536726 2478176952968943437 o

Travel from Malaysia to Singapore

Please note that the Reciprocal Green Lane arrangement for travel from Malaysia into Singapore has been suspended for three months from 1st Febraury 2021.

IMG 0772

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

MCO extended to 18th February.

The current MCO period has been extended to 18th February for all of Malaysia except Sarawak.

145021372 258723568981467 4059135081902865762 o

Thursday 11th February 2021

All residents in Malaysia to receive Covid-19 vaccine

I am very happy to read that the Cabinet has agreed that the COVID-19 vaccination programme will be give freely to non-citizens residing in Malaysia. It was considered not only the humane thing to do but also practical in efforts to reach herd immunity. You can read more about this here.

Tuesday 16th February 2021

MCO extended in Johor to 4th March 

As you can see from the poster, the MCO has been extended for a further 2 weeks in 4 states/federal territories. There is a slight amendment to the rules so we can travel more than 10 km but will still cannot cross district and state boundries.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-16 at 17.31.55

And click here for a link on the Dos and donts in CMCO and RMCO areas. Perlis will be under RCMO rules, all areas other than KL, Selangor, Johor and Penang are under CMCO rules.

Thursday 18th February 2021

COVID-19 vaccination registration to start this March.

The English version of this document can be found through this link: National COVID-19 immunisation programme.

Friday 26th February 2021

COVID-19 vaccination registration via MySejahtera App

The English version of the Vaccine Consent Forms can be found using this link: COVID-19 vaccination scheme.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Johor now moves into CMCO phase.

The PKPB is the same as CMCO. If the same rules apply as last year, then we can now travel withing our State but not across State boundaries.

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Tuesday 16th March 2021

Updates on events relevant to Johor

The PKPB (CMCO) in Johor has been extended to 31st March 2021.

159422432 10157792599836237 5568927351002479485 o

Interstate travel is still banned.

161077528 10157792599941237 3382250411385491749 o

Ramadan markets are to be allowed (Ramadan is 13th April to 13th May 2021).

161421566 10157792600341237 4596148140659468154 o

Monday 12th April 2021

Updates on events relevant to Johor

The PKPB (CMCO) in Johor has been extended to 28th April 2021.

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Thursday 29th April 2021

Updates on events relevant to Johor

The PKPB (CMCO) in Johor has been extended to 17th May 2021.

175937626 309905783863245 4387644471564062500 n

vernment is making available the Astra Zeneca vaccine for residents of KL and Selangor. You may like to read up on the procedure in case this option becomes available in Johor and you would like to take up the offer. I have no idea if this will happen, but it helps to be prepared. You can find more information here

Also, to keep track of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, try this website...

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-01 at 16.27.17WhatsApp Image 2021-05-01 at 16.27.16

Wednesday 5th May 2021

(A) Updates relevant to Johor

Various districts in West Malaysia will be in MCO conditions, but the MCO rules now are not the same as those in March 2020. So, many shops and businesses will still function rather than just essential businesses as before. For most people, the message remains STAY AT HOME!  For specific districts in Johor, the MCO period is 7th to 20th May.

So, of those of us in Johor Bahru, Kulai, and Kota Tinggi, there is no interdistrict travel, no dining in restaurants (only take-away), no business or social group meetings. 

For your information, the district of Johor Bahru consists of: Johor Bahru, Tebrau, Larkin, Iskandar Puteri, Skudai, Masai, Pandan, Plentong, Pasir Gudang, Gelang Patah, Tampoi, Ulu Tiram, Kempas, Kangkar Pulai, Ulu Choh, Permas Jaya.  (Pontian and Pekan Nanas are not in Johor Bahru district.)

(B) How do we assess risk-benefit ratios during a pandemic?


The current availability of the AstraZeneca vaccine, from the COVAX scheme, has led to some confusion about the safety of vaccines. I have prepared an article to help you consider your options, and find useful information about the wearing of face masks. Please use this link.

Monday 10th May 2021

National announcement

The whole country will be under MCO rules from 12th May to 7th June. (info from The Star.)

Monday 31st May 2021

National announcement

Because of ever increasing rates of COVID-19 infection and the health care system near collapse, the government will impliment more severe movement restrictions while still allowing some basic economic activty to continue. The whole country will be under stricker MCO rules from 1st - 14th June. The general public refer to this as MCO3 which is more similar to MCO1 in March 2020, and you can read highlights of the SOP using this link. They are STAY AT HOME, do not travel more than 10 km from home, and max. 2 persons per car.

Monday 7th June 2021

AstraZeneca vaccination program

IMG 1273

Details of what to prepare and where to go to get your AstraZeneca jab in Johor Bahru, are given in these two reports: 

AstraZeneca vaccination in Johor Bahru 

COVID-19 vaccination scheme (for translation of Consent Form)

Wednesday 30th June 2021

General announcement

On 1st June 2021, the government announced a 2-week lockdown period (MCO3.0 1-14 June) to reduce the rapidly increasing rate of COVID-19 infections. This period was extended for another 2 weeks to 28th June. Now there is no deadline date to this status, instead the government has announced the 3 factors which must be reached before controls can be relaxed. In summary, these are as follows:

1. COVID-19 infection rate in the community based on the number of daily cases of infection. The target is <4,000 for 7 consecutive days.

2. The capacity of the public health system based on bed utilisation rates in the ICU wards.

3. The level of protected population based on the percentage of people that have completed 2 doses of vaccine injection. The goal here is 10% of the population.

At the present time, infection rates are increasing, not decreasing, and barely 6% of the population has received full vaccination. So, be warned, we could be in lockdown for another month! So, please STAY AT HOME and obey all the SOPS.

Friday 27th August 2021

Conditions and regulations here in Johor Bahru are constantly changing. The state of Johor is still in Phase 1, with the same restrictions as those since May 2021. Some changes are possible for those who are fully vaccinated, but we still need to be careful as the percentage of the Johor population fully vaccinated is still relatively low.

I will be leaving Malaysia in September 2021, and therefore this page will not be updated. I hope everyone has now learnt where to find the information they need, and that you Stay Safe!


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