Langkawi (4-8th Feb 2019)

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To celebrate 40 years of togetherness, Lawrence and I spent a few days in Langkawi, staying at the excellent Andaman Langkawi. We had a sea view between the trees and when you went down to the beach, the gentle sea breeze and the shade from the trees made for a very pleasant time.

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And on the evening of 5th Feb, we had a "Romantic Dinner" on the beach while enjoying the beautiful view.

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Mostly, we walked in the shallow sea, looking at the small fish and other marine life through the clear water, and reading books. Lawrence experienced too much of the marine life though getting nicely stung on his arm while swimming from what we assume was a jelly fish. Apparently it was the wrong season for jelly fish, but obviously they did not know that!

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The beach service here was excellent, hence the evidence of cocktails in the photo below. In mid-afternoon, the guys would come round with cold flannels and iced water; so civilized!

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But two days on the beach would be enough for us so we had booked a morning of zip-lining above the treetops with Umgawa Legendary Adventures. That was so much fun! The guys there were very much into safety (not a well known feature of Malaysia as a whole), so one could relax and enjoy the experience.

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In this next clip (click on the arrow), I was supposed to turn right to look at a waterfall, but never quite managed that!

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After this, we walked a short distance down the hill to the base of the Sky Cab, which is the cable car to the top of the mountain. This area was packed with people so we waited 40 min for our ride, eating an ice cream to pass the time.  We found ourselves in a cable car with visitors from Iraq who had been to Langkawi many times before. Their conversation naturally veared towards Saddam Hussain and Tony Blair, so that was interesting! 

The view from the top was spectacular; so blue with islands dotted everywhere.

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We had to queue for ages to get onto the Sky Bridge, and the heat was getting to us by now so all the waiting was a little trying. We joined the queue for the Sky Glide, not realising how long it would take. We should have taken the Nature Walk route where you walk all the way down. The Sky Bridge is an amazing construction as you can see in the photo below. There are a few patches of glass on the bridge so you can look straight down, but few people felt comfortable doing that.

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Then it was time to join another very long queue to get back down. We were here during the Chinese New Year holiday period, so I am assuming it would be less crowded at other times of the year.

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Back at the hotel, it was time for more colourful natural light shows helped along with interesting cocktails. A perfect celebration indeed.

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