The story of Siva (26th Oct. 2019)

IMG 1688

While the Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) is well known for its help in disaster relief, and for the distribution of gifts of food, it does far more besides in the community setting. So here I would like to highlight one gentleman who has been helped by the MRC and his name is Siva. He is shown above in the white teeshirt.

Siva is a very humble guy with a generous heart and is always willing to help others. He gave up his job in Singapore to look after his mother for 18 years and now finds himself living alone and jobless in Taman Sri Stulang. He helps out his elderly neighbours with various daily tasks - giving haircuts, helping people get to shops/banks, and cooking delicacies. I sampled some of his cooking for lunch today and it was tasty and delicious. Lekha obviously knew of his skills at making dosa, which he cooked freshly for her and some of the other lunchtime visitors. 

In this case, the MRC can put people like Siva into contact with people who may make use of his skills, and in this way can help make his life a little easier.  Siva is not a guy who would ask for help and it is people such as him that the National Committee for Community Services, MRC, search for to give what assistance they can.

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